Cool-Retro-Term v1.0.0-RC1 Released


Santa was a little bit late this year; check again under your tree, there might be another surprise waiting for you: v1.0.0-RC1 of Cool-Retro-Term. What’s inside? Well, in the last few weeks I’ve been working very hard to polish the experience, fix issues and improve performances. In a bulleted list:

  • CRT is now snappier and lighter on resources (the performance settings are also much more useful)
  • Profiles import/export (json files)
  • More fonts
  • The OS X version has feature parity with the Linux one (there is also a DMG file on the github release page)
  • Plenty of fixes.

I wanted to thank all the people who donated, contributed or helped with the packaging. You’ve all been awesome!

Enjoy CRT and please share if you create an awesome profile or frame. I might include it in the final version!

(Thank you Popescu Sorin for the video)


3 thoughts on “Cool-Retro-Term v1.0.0-RC1 Released

  1. David Batterham

    Love it – incredibly realistic!
    Note about the OS X install instructions – if you’re using MacPorts instead of Homebrew, you can substitute “sudo port install qt5-mac” for “brew install qt5” and the rest of the build process is the same.


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