Brace yourself… cool-old-term is coming!


Since when I played Fallout III for the first time I have always wanted my terminal to look like those old jittery CRT screens that you loved in the game. Sadly there was nothing like that on Linux… Till I decided to make one myself!

In the last six months I dedicated some of my spare time to create a terminal emulator which had to look that way, but also had to be customizable and reasonably lightweight. Now the project is near completion I want to share with everyone the result!

The application is written using QtQuick 5.2 and uses as engine the Konsole QML port made by Canonical (

If you are a graphical designer and you want to help the project feel free to contact me. I’m quite bad with gimp and I would be really glad if someone created a couple of frames and a good icon for the terminal.

Source code, build and install instructions (for Ubuntu 14.04 and Arch) are available here:

Test it and let me know what you think… Cheers!


Hello World!


Well here we are… I always felt the need to find a place to share some thoughts, so I’m starting my shiny new blog.

I’m Filippo Scognamiglio and I’m currently a Computer Engineering student at “Universit√† di Pavia”, so you should expect basically nerdy stuff on this page (although I reserve the right to rant about anything).

I dislike long introductions so stay tuned for some real content…