cool-old-term is dead, long live cool-retro-term


What?!… No, don’t be alarmed; cool-old-term has just changed name in cool-retro-term.

But why?… Well, cool-old-term was a sort of boilerplate name I chose at the beginning of the project and it stuck when the project became more popular. cool-retro-term keeps familiarity and has a very cool acronym so we can talk nerdy: “Have you tried CRT. It’s really great!”.

Why didn’t you do that before?… Because I was planning to change the way the program is built and I didn’t want to break the packages twice. Now all packages can be updated only once and I promise I won’t break them again anytime soon.

What else did you change?… Well in the last month many things have. New features such as mouse support, color support, improved/fixed key combinations have landed in master together with many bugfixes. Moreover we are working on a OSX port which will see major improvements in the short future.

Why are you interviewing yourself?… I actually don’t know, but I’m going to take advantage of this question to thank all the people who contributed to the project. Some of you helped with the code, some with the packaging/docs, some donated money and some just spread the world.

You have all been amazing! Thank you very much!

Screenshot from 2014-09-03 22:46:48

43 thoughts on “cool-old-term is dead, long live cool-retro-term

  1. I’m sorry for your problems, I will do what I can. Could you open an issue on Github with some more infomations: are you running it natively or in a VM?… Which GPU are you using? Thank you in advance…


    • Thank you!… What do you mean with “hide / unhide keybindings”? If you are talking about the menubar, that would be easy, it’s just a matter of finding the right keybinding. With respect to tabs, this was already discussed in the past, I’m quite against them but I also see that they are one of the most requested features so we’ll see. Anyway this will surely not happen soon since at the moment I’m trying to fix the issues to get a stable release.


  2. jeevanreddymandali

    Hai there is no scroll bar and I am using Ubuntu 14.04, please fix this in next release I almost left using the default terminal, this is so cool!


  3. HI – thanks for the great terminal. I use it as a daily burner, however there are a couple of things that i am having issues with.

    Cut/Paste – I can mouse up with to some past commands, however the terminal jumps back to prompt when I click to select some text. Is it possible to select/copy from buffer?

    Logging- would it be possible to log console output to a text file?

    Thanks so much, and enjoy the beers 🙂


    • Hi Derek,
      I’ll try to answer your points in order.

      Which version are you running? There was an issue selecting lines in the previous history, but that was fixed in the last revisions ten days ago. Please let me know if you experience the issue also in the latest master.

      What do you mean by copy from buffer? If you are talking about copy selection, just select some text on the terminal and press the mouse wheel to paste it.

      Which console output are we talking about? If you mean what’s printed by cool-retro-term when it is launched from command line you just have to execute it with redirection:

      ./cool-retro-term > ./my_text_file.txt

      If you mean inside CRT then you have to use bash to do redirection:

      ls /home/ > ./my_text_file.txt

      If you want to record all the session, so all your commands and responses there should be a program called script that does that.

      I really hope I went through all your questions, and thank you for the beers!


  4. Hi – The version listed in About is 0.9 . My install/build date was November 12, so that is outside of the 10 day mark.

    Copy from buffer: yes, you described what I meant – select some mouse on terminal then middle to paste. This currently works for me if I am not scrolling back through buffer. I think the fix you referenced is the cause of this issue I am having. I’ll rebuild and let you know 🙂

    As for redirecting output – I thought you suggest a redirection. Forgive me: I come from windows and am used to putty. In Putty you can modify session options to turn logging and off dynamically. It’s be a nice feature if CRT could do the same 🙂

    On my migrating from windows: I just wanted to say that this is a killer app, and is *part* of the reason I’m running Linux on my laptop now (all I used in windows was chrome, putty and RDP), but CRT was *the* reason I picked kde over gnome. Love this terminal – wish you loads of success.


  5. Emma

    So in love with the look of this… the ONLY thing I wish it had was the ability for multiple tabs. Is this on the horizon at some point?


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