Cool-Retro-Term v1.0.0 is out!


The v1.0.0 of CRT is finally among us. The 43 commits landed after RC1 brought big performance improvements and fixes.

  • Improved font upscaling with much better performances
  • Huge improvements in quality and speed of burn-in effect (especially at low FPSs)
  • Optimisations in bloom effect
  • New fonts
  • [Linux] Fix bad behaviours in colour dialog
  • [OSX] Fix UTF8 characters issues
  • [OSX] Fix ALT key behaviour
  • Many other small fixes/improvements/cleanups

Thanks to some great guys CRT is already packaged for many Linux distributions; you can follow the procedure at to download and install it.

OSX users can grab the dmg from the releases page:

Huge thanks to the community folks who helped shape this program with their patches, donations, comments and ideas. I just can’t describe how awesome you have been.

Enjoy CRT!

14 thoughts on “Cool-Retro-Term v1.0.0 is out!

  1. Sebastian

    i love this app ! i use it every day on my ubuntu at my job. But, it crash on launch under mac OSX 10.6 😦 I can send you a crashlog if it can help you to debug.
    Hope you’ll fix that soon ; don’t hesitate to ask if you wanna some help.


  2. ryunokage

    I really like this app and kudos for creating it. My only gripes are the bug related performance issues(i.e. when you use the right click menu to edit the settings the usage goes up) and some in terminal frame rate issues(i.e when running something like cmatrix at larger window sizes).

    Anyway +1 for creating this, I look forward to updates.


  3. Justin

    Hey, thank you so much, I freakin’ love this!!! 😀

    One question though.. how do I permanently resize the terminal and even maybe position it to open on the exact position of the screen, every time I open it?

    Please help me out?

    Thank you!


  4. FishEatSushi

    Hello, i can’t find the font letter like this:

    it’s a charset of CP437, not is the IBM charset, i unknown what is the name, you can found like “default8x16” in the GNU/Linux for “setfont” command. i want use this font in the cool-retro-term. thank.


  5. Total linux noobie here..

    How do you configure it for the other screen types? I’m running the default (orange color) on a debian virtual machine and it’s very sluggish, perhaps a less resource-intensive theme might be work faster (maybe the green)?

    Also, would SSHing into the linux machine where this is installed work (assuming X11 forwarding is enabled)? Or would having the local windows SSH terminal program open (ex. Mobaxterm) and the remote retro terminal be incompatible?


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